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Ion Conductive Polymer

Multi-Function IonConductive Polymer

1.What is Ion Conductive Polymer as Key Materials ?
Our multi-Function Ion Conductive Polymer is of compositing basically by synthesizing
PolyVinylidene DiFluoride(so called PVdF) with Ionic Liquid to enhance ion conductivity property
on resin polymer under nonconductive property. The resin polymer is not limited PVdF but
others such as Polyolefin and so on, The product structure of TREKION CP series is consisted of
two backbones in molecule range of resin polymer like PVdF as a main polymer and in molecule
rate of synthesizing Ionic Liquid (so called I L) as the term of Ion Conductive Rate ( I C R ) in
the range of low to high molecule %with three standard grades.

Nowadays, it is available to supply solvent solution grade by dissolving TREKION ICP into N
Methyl-2-pyrolidone (so called NMP), Dimethyl sulfoxide (so called DMSO), etc. and be also 
available to supply a powder form in a commercial stage.

This polymerization mechanism of Ionic Liquid with main polymer overcomes altering IL additive
molecule % in maintaining a structural physical property of main polymer such as PVdF, of which 
molecule standards for this product are classified in three molecular weight ranges as referred

in grades of TREKION CP series. Under this concept, customer could select an optimum grade of
the product list conforming to needs in each application in the aspect of molecule weight range
factor and ionized molecular % of IL for the object of a surface reforming on resin polymers to
perform an ion conductive property. One example, the standard grade, CP-HVP20g45F10 having
HVP main polymer and IL additive molecular at 45 % provides Ion Conductivity at 1.6×10-3S/
cm.  ICE materials are of CP

product dissolved in various solvents and some grade of Ionic Liquid formulated in solution.

TREKION CP series are to modify plastic resins to perform a conductivity by surface coating,
blending and compatibility mixing with non-conductive materials. In the LIB application field, it is
applicable for a conductive binder in the production of anode and cathode electrodes, a
processed coating on surface of separator and main materials in development of gel/solid state

TREKION  CP series

ICE materials        ICP film property

2.Ion Conductive Binder“TREKLITE CB series” in LIB application Ion Conductive Binder has been
commercially developed in use for replacing from non-conductive binder such as PVdF in use for
solvent based electrodes and SBR & CMC formulated binder for water based anode electrode.

From theoretical point of view, ion conductive
performing binder should be enhanced to improve electrical chemical properties through formation of
ionic conductive networks inside cathode and anode electrodes by coating CP polymer in a binder
solution on surface of active materials as well as conductive carbon particles.

This CB products are of the optimum binder suitable for improvement of LFP and LTO electrodes’
performance, of which electron conductivity are inferior to other kind of electrodes.


CB binder solution produc

3.Gel and Solid-state electrolytes with CP polymer recipe in LIB application  For application in developing gel and solid-state electrolyte on LIB,Ionic Liquid is one of core material suitable for inflammable electrolyte having superior conductivity.
But, it is not easy to utilize by replacing organic carbonate electrolyte in a popular use on LIB. Besides, the formation of gel form electrolyte isconsisted of formulating Ionic Liquid with CP polymer under an unique and enhancing structure development. This development works with CPpolymer be expanding toward a solid-sate electrolyte development.

4.Surface coating technology on separator with CP polymer recipe in LIB application
Porous polyolefin type separator is not suitable for use in Ionic Liquid having a high viscous property to be
inferior on a penetrating property to conventional carbonate type electrolytes. To be contract, It is feasible
to dramatically improve this penetrating property by specifically processing CP polymer on the surface of
porous separator, of which formation is efficient to be commercially available for development of electrolyte
recipe utilizing certain Ionic Liquid in gel and solid-state electrolyte types of LIB.

This processed separator is to contribute many effective advantages such as protection of positioning out
on electrodes by improving an adhesiveness with electrodes to avoid s short phenomena of electricity, Li+
ion transportation enhancing with ion conductive polymer which control pore size and numbers on separator
to refrain generating a dendolite as another factor in happening the short phenomena.  

This surface coating processing on the separator is always welcome by our coating machine upon
customers’ requests.

(Photos by SEM)

Surface processed Conductive


two kinds of surface processed

with same CP polymer in

different coating methods.

5.Expanding application with Our ICP polymer in various industry
This ion conductive polymer is tremendously expanded its application in many industries such as resin coating field, yarn and fabrics processingfield, paper and non-woven paper processing field, metal particles surface coating field, pelleting master batch in plastic and rubber fields and so on.

Product Specification:
1.Product form,          liquid solution in solvent and powder form available.
2.Ion conductive rating15mol%, 25mol%, 45mol%, 60mol% grade available.
3.Bone polymer kindsPVdF based ICP in LIB application, Polyolefin based ICP in plastic        
application, epichlorohydrin polymer based ICP in rubber application, et

New materials development upon your proposal should be welcome for a polymer synthesis in our technologies.